Being able to offer diving instructors Specialties increases the chances of getting a good and lucrative job. Because this expands your offer and that of the diving school you work for.

The advantage of doing diving instructors specialties with me is that there are valuable practical tips and tricks that you can implement immediately. Another advantage is that you can train the special courses immediately after your certification to the OWSI and you don’t have to wait until you reach 25 brevets.

At the moment I offer, among other things, the following diving instructor specialties:

  • Self Reliant Diver
  • Deep diving
  • Search & mountains
  • Night
  • Navigation
  • Wreck
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Dry diving
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Scooter
  • DSAT Gas Blender
  • Digital underwater photography
  • Underwater Video
  • Naturalist
  • Emergency Oxygene Providers
  • Flow diving
  • Boots Diving
  • Relaxed Diver (Destinctive Specialty)
  • Full face mask

Of course, I also offer special course packages to – asking for an individual offer is worth asking!

PADI Divemaster

Price rates:

PADI Desinctive Specialty Relaxed Diver incl . Course

€ 290.00

All other Specialties

€ 175.00

Current prices for price packages, PADI fees and PADI materials can be found here.