Ulf Mayer, PADI CD

Course Director, Tec Deep Instructor Trainer, ERA Instructor Trainer

About me

PADI CD Ulf Mayer

I first breathed compressed air in the 90s and was immediately infected. Since then, the fascination of diving and respect for the water and its living things never left me. In 2000 I became a PADI professional and have been active in the diving industry all the time since then.

For several years I gained experience abroad as a guide, diving instructor, dive operation manager, tour leader and staff instructor for various course directors. So if there’s anything I can offer you in excess, it’s experience. Experiences I am happy to share today.

“Even during my first dives I was fascinated by the underwater world, a fascination that has not let go of me to this day.”

I was lucky enough to enjoy a really good education and work with some of the best course directors in the world. And I learned a lot from you. Today I try to pass on as a diving instructor and course director as much as I can. To your advantage.

Ulf Mayer PADI CD

PADI CD Ulf Mayer at work

Since 2002, I have been running at least four IDCs a year. First as part of an apprenticeship team, then then independently. Over the years, many candidates have been able to meet and accompany them on their way to becoming a diving instructor.

‘ I love seeing IDC contestants develop and eventually proudly holding their certificate into the camera. I know that I help many to make a dream come true and that the IDC is often the beginning of a new phase of life. Just like with me back then. ”

Of course, I am supported by a team of professional IDC staff instructors and PADI Master instructors who also take care of your training with a lot of commitment. In this way, I can guarantee you individual and effective support at any time.

Tec Deep Instructor Trainer

Tecdiving is also fun for PADI CD Ulf Mayer

For several years now, I have been working quite intensively on PADI’s TecRec programs. On the one hand, because I am fascinated to learn new things and to expand my own boundaries. And on the other hand, because I think these programs have created a great way for experienced divers to have really new and exciting experiences.

“The Tec-Rec programs are ideal for broadening the diving horizon. But they are not for every diver-and shouldn’t be at all. ”

If you also feel like expanding your diving boundaries and gaining new experiences, then I will be happy to help you with this. And if you’re not sure yet, just try it.

Various awards

Elite Instructor Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer
Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer
Business Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer
Business Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer
Elite Instructor Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer
Award for PADI CD Ulf Mayer